Rebecca Hass is a Canadian renaissance artist for the 21st century.

A glorious mezzo-soprano who has appeared with just about every opera company and orchestra in Canada. The creator of cabarets and one-woman shows. A vocal teacher and acting coach. A mentor to young singers across Canada. An accomplished broadcaster, documentary producer, podcast creator and host. A passionate advocate for new Canadian work.

As  Director of Engagement Programs and Partnerships for Pacific Opera, she won the Nada Ristich Change Maker Ruby from Opera Canada for 2022, the 2021 Creative Builder Award and the 2019 Arts and Culture Award for the city of Victoria. Rebecca is a member of the ANSWER drum group, an all-indigenous women’s collective, an ensemble that brings songs as medicine to audiences throughout Vancouver Island and is creating a performance piece filled with stories and songs about the land which will see workshop productions in 2023 As a citizen of the Métis Nation of British Columbia, Rebecca is becoming internationally recognized for her passionate advocacy of theater and voice as a means to tell stories.

A few words about my Métis ancestry and identity

My Métis family names are Delaronde and Croteau and through marriage I have Anishinaabe cousins in Rama.  Many of my family are registered members of the Métis Nation of Ontario, and as I live in British Columbia, I have registered and been recognized here. My home territory, where my family has harvesting rights and actively uses them, is Georgian Bay and environs. These rights are given only to Métis who meet the criteria as laid out in the Powley decision of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Through my late father, Fraser hass, and his mother, Louise marie Croteau, I learned to hunt and fish,  which plants were for medicine and how to walk on the land be in good relationship with it.

My cousin, Ed Hass, created a website to share our Metis Ancestry, which you can view using the link. His father, Ed Hass, was my Dad’s brother, both the children of Louise Marie Hass and Gustav Hass. 

Contact Me

Email: rebeccamhass@gmail.com
Phone: 250 508 7080

Light filled, my heart pulses, reaching up for life to come