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Swifty Skateboard Co.

Hi, I’m Derek Mason, the Founder and CEO of The Swifty Skateboard Company. My friends and I came up with the idea for Swifty when we were shopping around for boards and couldn’t find any that fit our needs. We realized that a man’s skateboard should be just as unique as the man himself. It’s been history ever since. Our boards provide unparalleled variety and customization for all.

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Every Swift board comes with a unique tag that lists its full specs. We do this to ensure that our buyers are fully aware of the kind of board they’re purchasing, along with any tweaks made to it. In-store customization can be made at any of our physical locations.

We also create boards that are made-to-order. You can use our mobile app to fully customize your board, down to the tightness of your trucks.


These are some of the sickest decks you’ll ever see.

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