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Rebecca Hass

I'm a collection of stories. Every day I live a new one.

Rebecca Hass

I'm a collection of stories. Every day I live a new one.

I'm Rebecca Hass

Basically, I'm a collection of stories. Over 50 years of them.
Every day I live a new one.

I’m a Métis, my relatives from the Metis community in Georgian Bay Métis (originally Drummond Island) and of mixed European descent.

The stories I’ve lived so far, include opera singer, music theatre performer, actor, writer, teacher and mentor to emerging artists, CBC host and radio documentary creator, life coach for creatives, explorer of visual art, gin/scotch/craft beer enthusiast, cigar and pipe smoking, Bodhisattva and Buddhist, Director of Community Engagement for Pacific Opera and a wife, mom to two kids, and only child with a dog by my side.   

In the latest chapter, I endeavor daily to live the culture and tradition of my Métis ancestors through song writing, language, beading and growing medicines. 

Wander around my site and you’ll find a mix of my professional, public life and my personal and cultural journey to reclaim the voice I’ve burnished through the journey over the years.  So many ways to connect and share the story.

The stories continue to be written. May they be of benefit to all. All my relations. 

Everything I need
Comes from the earth
I listen
I speak
I feel with my heart
All that I see
It is medicine for me
It helps me remember
Then I can tell a good story